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You can add the convenience of motorization to your interior and exterior window treatments as an addition to your Smart home. It’s never been easier to program window treatments to open and close on a schedule at the touch of a button!

Simplify Your Home - With Intuitive & Intelligent Interior & Exterior Shades

Motorization of window treatments is the way of the future, not just for greater functionality, but also for convenience and style! A trend growing in popularity in many homes is motorized interior & exterior shades. These shades allow for light, heat, and glare control, as well as privacy at the touch of a button.

Now, a broader range of options for motorized shades allows us to better meet the specifications of our residential clients and businesses. Value-added options include solar-powered motorized lift, battery and rechargeable battery options, and plug-in and hardwire options for larger window coverings.

Improve your home’s function by integrating your motorized window coverings with current automation systems such as Alexa or Google Home. You can operate your shades from your phone, laptop, or tablet and they can be programmed to open individually, all at once, or in groups designated by you.

Motorized Interior & Exterior Shades Product Features & Benefits

The Window Design Studio has proudly offered high-quality motorized interior and exterior shades for fifteen years to homeowners and businesses. We work with the finest manufacturers, so these shades are the best you can find, made from high performance fabrics with superior motor components that provide long lasting service. That is why we are the preferred choice for motorized interior and exterior shades. We also professionally install them for you so you know they will work perfectly and fit perfectly too.

Benefits of Exterior Solar Shades

Shading your home from the exterior has some marked energy saving advantages. To understand this, you must first understand how the sun’s energy works. Short wave radiation (sunlight) travels through glass, and when it hits a surface inside your home it will be absorbed and turned into heat. That surface includes your shades. However, if the shades are located on the outside, when the short wave radiation hits it, it will not travel into your home. This actually provides even more energy efficiency than an interior window covering because of the amount of heat gain reduction.

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